The reality is that transforming social issues into resolved outcomes has been a simplistic expectation that’s often prioritized a solution-based approach that is not realistic or truly realized. As our contexts and relationships are constantly bringing in new variables and considerations, we also find ourselves stuck in outdated, familiar and limiting processes. Here at Relational we have created a space for various social actors to experiment and develop processes together that address specific areas of need, which require dynamic, changing and malleable approaches. We also know that actualizing diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice cannot be attended to by one response or strategy. Historical and new social conflicts, inequalities, and tensions affecting individuals and groups evolve as we are faced with the velocity of emerging political, economic, social and cultural stresses. Accordingly being agile and imaginative, while challenging ourselves and what we know and think we know is central to social innovation, as is reconstituting who our partners in social change are, have been and can be.

In the social innovation studio we co-create social change processes and praxis to animate:

  • The perspectives, experiences and knowledge of those often not at the table and marginalized
  • Dialogue across disciplines, industries and expertise
  • Brainstorm, experiment and design collectively with thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, engineers, youth, collectives, activists, educators, policy shapers, technologists, communities, health care workers, artists, scientists, academics and others