Stay tuned for our first podcast scheduled for January 2017

Relational is a global platform where the most innovative, exciting, challenging and informative dialogue about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice (DEIS) and Human Rights takes place. We bring together key practitioners, thinkers, leaders and stakeholders to shape our language and how we think about, design and practice DEIS.


Relational radio is also committed to bringing forward existing projects, ideas, modalities and best practices from around the world. We can enhance our work through learning from others and find hope in knowing that others are also creating exciting responses to pressing social needs and challenges.


Our podcast series will engage a range of themes once a month, exploring questions like:

  • What kinds of lessons can we take from across industries implementing Diversity and Inclusion approaches in their business and employment practices?
  • What does accountability look like in diversity, equity and inclusion policies and practices?
  • How are global humanitarian and development institutions moving to incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice into their structures and approaches?
  • What possibilities and frictions transpire when crafting equitable and inclusive systems?
  • Who are you talking with and listening to about diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice?


Stay tuned for our first podcast scheduled for January 2017