Integrating diversity, equity and inclusion language, thinking and practices in any institution requires tools, resources and vision. Here at Relational we develop customized training and education programs for your working community.




We are experienced in creating curriculum and learning for institutions who are seeking to develop particular skills to meet strategic needs. Current research shows that diversity training does not create personal or institutional change in the short or long term. Rather, our approach is to develop long term, well planned and progressive professional development that can scaffold DEI into an institution’s very foundations. Customizing educational development in your institution for different groups and stakeholders is central to reaching people and making integral and enduring transformations. 

Designing educational processes is also central, as integrating and living DEI, requires
on-going engagement. All of our educational programming takes a process integration approach.  


Educational materials, pedagogies and processes that center inquiry, self-reflexivity, dialogue, critical thinking, conscious relationship building and the honoring of every person’s strength, background and knowledge can very much support DEI actualization and needs. As educators we are experts in well-conceived and designed resources and educational materials and their implementation.

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Some examples of the resource development projects we engage in include:


  • Conceptual frameworks
  • Curriculum and pedagogies that outline clear processes to move into the integration of skills and knowledge
  • DEI thinking, language and knowledge integration
  • Resource Manuals
  • DEI Policy Templates

We also provide educational and resource development in the following areas and customized for your unique community and needs:


  • Gender mainstreaming and integration from an intersectional approach (i.e with race, class, ethnicity, religion, ability, sexuality, language, geography, education)
  • Intersectionality informed policy, programming and practices
  • Relational and Embodied Leadership
  • Difference Empowered Community Building
  • From inequitable power to symbiotic power
  • Unconscious bias to conscious relationship building  
  • Conflict transformation
  • Employment equity, onboarding and retention
  • DEI and Health and Wellness
  • DEI Frameworks, Guidelines, and Profiles
  • Capacity Building in Research, Assessment and Evaluation Skills

Through our Education arm we also work with you in shaping your institution's approach to:

  • Developing Synergistic relationships with Gender and Racial Diverse Organizations, Communities and Institutions
  • Developing Diversity Boards, Councils and Advisory Groups