Trapped concept and mental prison symbol as a person caged and imprisoned by the slow growing roots of a tree as a metaphor for chronic ingrained suffering due to an addiction or psychological illness.

Relational’s National Call to Action:
A Response to the Current Political Climate


We say no!
No to the social and political exile and discrimination
of all social minorities.



At Relational we believe in the importance of intention setting when making commitments for the New Year. Check out this Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commitment planner we have created.

You can follow the link to download your own copy:

Happy New Year, Relational community!

Watch these videos to hear reflections of 2016, and our vision of 2017 from our CEO & Founder, Dr. Salima Bhimani

Meet our team: Janine Driver, Social Media Lead and Associate, is a passionate change maker. She connects to Relational's mission through her commitment to equitable and diverse environments embraced through the promotion of social media. Learn more about her work at Relational

I’d like some Equity with that Diversity and Inclusion!
by: Dr. Salima Bhimani, Founder, Chief Executive Officer;
Head of Research, Consulting and Education 

Brimming with pride and joy about moving into an executive position after many years of hard work climbing the proverbial company ladder, Zara couldn’t wait to get started. Her appointment was part of a larger initiative in the company to gain more women in leadership positions. Her first team meeting went like this: >> MORE

by: Rachel Dick, Research and Writing Associate

As a White female living in the United States, the range of “inclusivity” I see varies greatly. As I navigate my personal and social life in my role as a graduate student, and my position as an instructor and staff member at a university, sometimes I feel optimistic about the supportive environment that is being cultivated for all within academic spaces.  >> MORE

by: Rita Nketiah, Senior Programs Associate

As a Canadian, I’m quite familiar with the language of diversity. It is everywhere: in our policies, in our school systems, in our workplaces. We hear it often and it is something we are supposed to celebrate, be accepting of, and tolerate. In reality however, diversity is rarely explained and usually taken for granted.   >> MORE

"Relational comes out of a deep commitment that I've had my entire life, and a deep hope, that we actually can have an ethical world, a just world. That actually, very much, is possible if we all just recognize that we have to do this together."
-Dr. Salima Bhimani