Research and Writing Associate


Rachel Dick is a passionate writer, educator, and social justice advocate. She works with students from diverse backgrounds developing their writing capacities. She specifically engages with nonnative-English speaking students and those on the Autism Spectrum. Rachel has also worked with Single Parent Student Programs where she’s developed policy reports recommending programs for marginalized students. She’s also worked in the business sector for six years, reviewing denied mortgage loans and assessing them in order to understand whether clients had fair and equal treatment, decreasing discrimination within the mortgage industry. Globally, Rachel has collaborated in a major Research project in Morocco, focusing on the changing state of gender relations and the ways in which transnational relations and globalization affect the healthy development of societies and cultures. Her research interests and areas of focus include: sexual health education and rights, community-building practices and social movements.


She is also pursuing a Masters Degree in Women's and Gender Studies with a concentration in Educational Leadership. She holds a Bachelors degree in Women's and Gender Studies with a minor in Human Sexuality. She is currently working on two different writing projects: Ameliorate Me. - a creative writing chapbook that encompasses personal, social, and political aspects of dealing with sexual assault, trauma, and rape culture; De-Stigmatizing Herpes: A Feminist Guide to Living with HSV - a supportive and educational zine for females living with HSV.