University of New Mexico,
Activism post Arab Spring,
Women, Justice

Dr. Manal Hamzeh is an associate professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies/Women’s Studies Program. She holds a Ph.D. in Critical Pedagogy (Social Justice Education), an M.S. in Clinical/Educational Audiology, an M.A. in Human Development & Early Childhood Special Education and a B.A. in Speech, Hearing, and Language Sciences.


Dr. Manal’s research draws on anti-racist/decolonizing educational and arab-muslim feminist theories. Her current research project, Women Resisting Violence/Seeking Justice in the Egyptian Revolution, is a multidimensional/multimedia research project based on Egyptian women’s testimonios about their resistance to state violence since the January 25th Egyptian Revolution. She is also using Chicana/feminista methodologies of testimonios and platicas to gain insights about the experiences of resilient and activism of faculty-of-color in a Hispanic-serving higher education institution located on/between the borders of the US/Mexico. Dr. Manal is the sole-author of DeVeiling Pedagogies: Muslim Girls and the Hijab Discourse (2012), a development of her award-winning dissertation. The theory in her book was represented/adapted in a short animation film (12 minutes)—The Four Hijabs. This is collaborative work with playwright Jamil Khoury, of Chicago’s Silk Road Rising Theater. It is aims to advance the understanding of the effects of hijabophobia and Islamophobia on young Muslims, particularly in North America.


Dr. Manal is severing, as a member on NMSU’s Institutional Review Board, a senator on the NMSU Faculty Senate and a member on a university-wide faculty affairs committee. She has served as a member on NMSU’s Diversity Counsel and on NMUS’s Presidential Building the Vision Committee to craft the Diversity Goal. Dr. Manal holds New Mexico State University’s wide Christmore Teaching Award (2102) and the Roush Teaching Award (2015). Both awards are driven by student nominations. Dr. Manal pioneered public services for people with hearing, speech and language challenges, especially children in regulars schools, both in Jordan and Gaza, Palestine. She is the recipient of the Alice Cogswell Award of Gallaudet University in recognition of her valuable services on behalf of Deaf citizens.