Diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice are what we do. Partnering with you to realize inclusive and equitable design and relationships in your institutions and communities is central to us. We will bring our decades of experience and work with you to create lasting social change.



Relational is an innovating institute that provides research and evaluation, consulting and education to governmental, corporate, educational, humanitarian and human rights organizations and institutions around the world. With our partners we create equitable, inclusive and socially just systems and dynamics that redress historical injustice, transform systemic exclusion and embody diversity of thought, people and experience. 


Relational is also a platform for emerging global dialogue on the most important diversity, equity, inclusion, human rights and social justice conversations. When relationships are consciously cultivated, valuing all people, the change we make in the world is limitless. 


  • Building equitable, diverse and inclusive systems
  • Producing sustainable solutions for social change
  • Creating conscious relationships in your institutions and communities